This site aims to popularize scientific studies on intelligence, its biological, genetic, evolutionary bases, its social importance and the individual and ethnic differences. It gives the most recent data and studies on the issue, without compromise for ideology or political correctness. Research in the field grown considerably since the 2000s.

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Polygenic Scores for Educability Are Parallel to Racial IQs (25/11/2018)
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→ D. Reich (Harvard) « It’s no longer possible to ignore racial differences » (01/06/2018)

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General Summary « Race Differences in Intelligence » March 2019  » (PowerPoint 2010, 30 MB).

 The excellent « Race Differences in Intelligence. An Evolutionary Analyse« , 2006, Richard Lynn, available in pdf.

 General Outline « From Genes to Civilisation »

 What is biological egalitarianism?

 The biological and social IQ correlations

 Intelligence: An Unifying Factor for Social Science, Lynn and Vanhanen, 2012, in pdf.