Part 1

Race Differences in Intelligence
1. General Summary of Race Differences in Intelligence
2. Africans, Europeans and East Asians
3. Geography of Intelligence
4. General Table on Race Differences

Intelligence Is Highly Genetic
1. High Heritability

2. High Stability of Racial I.Q in all Environments
3. Stability Over Time
4. I.Q Differences are Reflected in Brain Size Differences
5. Isolation Time
6. Studies on Racial Hybrids
7. Qualitative Differences in the Brain
8. Adoption Studies
9. Race Differences in Reaction Time
10. Race Differences in Inspection Time
11. European Admixture Among Afro-Americans
12. 76 Musculoskeletal Features, Proximity to Homo Erectus
13. Intelligence is Part of a Set of Evolutionary Traits
14. Position in Evolution
15. Regression to the Mean
16. Inbreeding Depression
17. Racial Differences in EEG
18. Spearman’s hypothesis
19. Heritability Increases with Age
20. Racial Differences in Intellectual Maturation Speeds
21. Existence of Racial Differences in Intelligence for 10 Thousand Year
22. Differences in Gene Frequencies linked to Intellignece

Cause of Racial Differences

IQ by Country and Economy
1. National I.Q in Descending Order
2. The Racial Roots of Nationl I.Q
3. Correlation between National I.Q and Average Salary
4. Exponential Correlation between National I.Q and Average Salary 
5. Other Measures Correlated to National I.Q

Genetics of Intelligence
1. Genetic Processes
2. Intelligence genes
3. What Are the Characteristics of the Genome of an High I.Q ?
4. I.Q prediction based on the Genome

Evolution of Intellectual Differences
1. Africans
2. Bushmen
3. South Asians and North Africans
4. Southeast Asians (Indonesia, Cambodia…)
5. Pacific Islanders 
6. Australian Aborigines
7. Europeans
8. East Asians (China, Japan, Korea, Singapore…)
9. Arctic People
10. Native Americans
11. Conclusion

Sexual Differences

Worldwide Hierarchy
Introduction: The Worldwide Hierarchy
1. Intellectual Hierarchy in Canada
2. Intellectual Hierarchy in Brazil
3. Intellectual Hierarchy in Britain 
4. Intellectual Hierarchy in The Netherlands
5. Intellectual Hierarchy in the United States
6. Intellectual Hierarchy in Australia
7. Intellectual Hierarchy in Africa

IQ Statistics
1. Relationship Between National IQ and GDP per capita
2. National IQ Prediction Based on Racial Composition
3. I.Q Heritability
4. Various Correlations
5. Mean I.Q
6. Impact on I.Q
7. I.Q and Justice
8. Other Diverse Correlations
9. Mean Salary Predicted from National I.Q
10. I.Q and Diseases
11. I.Q and BMI
12. I.Q and Life Expectancy

IQ and Religion
1. Introduction
2. Intelligence and Religious Belief within Nations
2.1 Negative Correlation between Intelligence and Religious Belfief
2.2 Lesser Religious Inclination in the Intellectual Elite
2.3 Decline of Religious Belief with Age
2.4 Decline of the Relgious Belief in the 20th century
3. Mean I.Q of Atheists, Agnostics and Believers
4. Intelligence and Religious Belief accross Nations
5. Discussion
6. Mean I.Q by Religion
Annex: Nations, Nation I.Q and atheists frequence

Future of the World
1. The End of the United States
2. Slower but Inexorable Decline of Western Europe
3. East Asia
4. The Emergence of a Chinese Global Supremacy

Human Races, a Valid Concept?
1. Introduction
2. Classification of Homo Sapiens in the Animal Kingdom
3. The Main Human Races
4. The Emergence of the Main Human Races
5. Invalidation of the Main Counter Arguments
6. The Genomic Revolution and Racial Ancestry
7. Medications for Each Races?
8. Conclusion

Rushton Comparative Perspective
1. Race is More than Skin Deep
2. Maturation, Crime and Parenting
3. Sex, Hormones and AIDS
4. Intelligence and Brain Size
5. Genes, Environment, or Both ?
6. Life History Theory
7. Out of Africa
8. Questions and Answers

IQ Validity: Biological and Social IQ Correlates
1. Biological IQ Correlations
1.1 Head Size (+0.2)
1.2 Brain Size (+0.45)
1.3 Myopia (+0,25) et Hyperopia (Negative Correlation)
1.4 Brain Electrochemical Activity
1.5 Brain Glucose Metabolic Rate
1.6 Peripheral Nerve Condution Volicity
1.7 Cranial Nerve Condution Velocity
1.8 Simple Reaction Time
1.9 Cerebral pH
1.10 Finesse of the Auditory Spectrum (Ability to Distinguish Nearer Frequency Sounds, Proportional to IQ).
1.11 Finesse of the visual spectrum (Finer Ability to Distinguish Nearer Color Frequencies, Proportional to IQ)
1.12 Visual and Auditory Inspection Time (Measuring the Speed of Processing Sensory Informations)
1.13 Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
1.14 Baseline Pupil Size (+0,35)
1.15 Telomeres Lenght
2. Social IQ Correlations
2.1 National/Racial IQs Predict Success in Math and Science
2.2 IQ Predicts Salary
2.3 IQ Predicts Education Level
2.4 IQ Predicts Socioeconomic Status
2.5 IQ Predicts Trainability
2.6 IQ Predicts Job Proficiency
2.7 IQ and Violent Behavior
2.8 National/Racial IQ Predict PISA Scores
2.9 IQ at 13 Predicts of Many Subsequent Achievements
2.10 National IQ, Predictive of GDP/Capita from 1500 to 2000 (See “National I.Q and Economy” )
2.11National IQ, Predictive of Life Expectancy (See « National I.Q and Economy« )
2.12Nation IQ, Highly Predictive of Index of Human Development (See “National I.Q and Economy” )


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4. Studies

Part 2: IQ by Race/Population

1. I.Q of Africans in Sub-Saharan Africa
2. I.Q of Africans and Europeans University Students
3. Africans in the Caribbean and Latin America
4. I.Q of African Americans
5. I.Q of Africans in Europe
6. Brain Size of Africans
7. Heritability of intelligence of African-Americans

Arctic People
1. IQ of Arctic People

Australian aborigines
1. IQ of Australian Aborigines
2. Brain Size of Australian Aborigines and Europeans

Bushmen and Pygmies

East Asians
1. I.Q of Indigenous East Asians
2. I.Q of East Asians in the United States
3. I.Q of East Asians adopted by Europeans
4. I.Q and Brain Size of East Asians-European Hybrids
5. East Asians-Europeans Differences in Reaction Time
6. Brain Size of East Asians

1. I.Q of Europeans in Europe
2. I.Q of Europeans outside Europe
3. I.Q of Europeans University Students
4. Brain Size of Europeans

1. Ethiopian Jews
2. Oriental Jews, the Mezrahim
3. European Jews, Ashkenazim and Sefaradim
4. Israel
5. Summary on the High Ashkenazi Intelligence

Native Americans
1. I.Q of Native Americans in North America
2. I.Q of Native Americans in Latin America
3. I.Q of Native Amercan-Europeans Hybrids
4. Brain Size of Native Americans and Europeans
5. I.Q of Hispanics

Pacific Islanders
1. I.Q of Maori in New Zealand
2. I.Q of Other Inhabitants in the Pacific Islands
3. I.Q of Pacific Islanders-Europeans hybrids and Pacific Islanders-Chinese hybrids

South Asians and North Africans
1. I.Q of Indigenous South Asians and North Africans
2. I.Q of South Asians and North Africans in Britain and Australia
3. I.Q of South Asians and North Africans in Continental Europe
4. I.Q of Indians in Africa, Fiji, Malaisia et Mauritius
5. I.Q of South Asians and North Africans University Students
6. Brain Size of South Asians and North Africans

Southeast Asians (Indonenia, Cambodia, Malaysia…)
1. I.Q of Indigenous Southeast Asians
2. I.Q of Southeast Asians in Holland and the United States
3. Brain Size Differences Between Southeast Asians and Europeans

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